You're wasting money if you don't actually use your private label rights content...

You want to publish content you're proud of for a community you love, right? That's why you bought all the Done For You and PLR content in the first place!
But, now you're drowning in the sea of files you've purchased.
We can help you turn those mountains of files into published content!   

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What are Private Label Rights?

Private label rights (PLR) help you save time in creating content by buying rights so  to modify and, in most cases, claim ownership of the content. You can obtain PLR licenses for articles, ebooks, software, video, audio, graphics, planners, journals, and more. For example, you can buy

  • PLR articles, and rewrite them to post on your blog.
  • PLR planners, edit them, and then sell them on your site or online marketplace. 

Who is

Ruth Bowers

Ruth Bowers

Ruth Bowers has run for 13+ years as an affiliate marketer, blogger, and low-content product producer. She's used PLR for most of that time and in every way  you can think of! 

Jenn Brockman owns and has worn every hat there is for her business - from web design to product creation and promotion. She has used PLR for more than 10 in years in every business she's owned. 

Together we run where we help you learn to use the Private Label Rights content that you buy. 

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