Learn the Power of PrettyLinks

  Do You Have a Pretty Link? 

There are a few tools in your business that absolutely make your whole life better. These tools typically take stress off of you in some way, allow your business to run smoother in some way, and just save your sanity in general.

For me, one of these tools is Pretty Link. If I had to list the tools that have changed my life, this would be right up there with my web backup tool and my shopping cart program. Yes, it is that important.

This little plugin has saved me many times, and I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.


What Does a Pretty Link Do?

Basically, a pretty link makes your links…well, ‘pretty’. It cloaks your links so that they look like they are coming from your website. For example, my prettylinks is installed on my racheladmires.me website. Now let’s say that I have an affiliate product on JVZoo for Video Game PLR, I could share this with my list in one of two ways…

The first way would be to use the JVZoo link itself, which doesn’t have the product name in it and usually looks something like:


Or you could throw this link into your prettylinks and share something like this with your audience:


The second one is obviously prettier, but it does something else too, it makes the link look like it is your own, which is something that makes your audience feel more comfortable clicking the link. In all honesty, I do follow one person who uses JVZoo links as they are in the first example, so it is very possible to get people to click on an affiliate link if they trust you already.

But what about all of those new people that you try to reach on a daily basis? Which link do you think they are most likely to click on?


How Can a Pretty Link Save Your Sanity?

In addition to prettylinks being much easier on the eyes, it also allows you to track your links and change them whenever you need to.

For instance, in my business, I usually list my prettylink on a picture and share it on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social websites. Sometimes these links are affiliate links for things that I like or trust will help my audience. But sometimes, the person who has the product that I am an affiliate for will stop selling the product, change the product link, or the link will break.

I share my links in so many ways, they are on YouTube, social sites, on my websites, and in my emails. It would be impossible for me to find and change all of those links every time someone that I am an affiliate for changes something on their end.

Still, I have to be sure my audience is served in the best way. So I pop into Pretty Links and change the direction of the link. I can send those people to a page on my website that says something like “Sorry, the offer is no longer valid, but here is a coupon for my site”.

Easy peasy, and it saves me a ton of headache and frustration.

And because Pretty Link will track the clicks, I can see which links people are clicking.


Pretty Link Walkthorugh


Where Can You Get Your Pretty Link?

You can check out all of the awesomeness of Prettylink at: http://racheladmires.me/PrettyLink.