5 Roadblocks to Using Your PLR

Whether you’re a beginner in the PLR space or a seasoned veteran, everyone faces roadblocks along the way to using their PLR. The key to success is to recognize them as they’re happening, and take steps to move forward anyways. Here are five common roadblocks that people often face when using their PLR… Roadblock #1

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Rebranding 101: How To Make Your PLR Unique

There is no big secret when it comes to rebranding your PLR to make it unique to you. All it takes is having a system or a checklist to make your rebranding routine consistent over time. We talked in a previous post about the basic things like changing up your graphics and editing the sales

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6 Ways to Make a “Biz in a Box” PLR Package Your Own

We talked a little bit in last week’s post about what you need to actually make money with the PLR you buy, and touched on how that could work with a “biz in a box” style PLR package. The truth is that purchasing a ‘biz in a box’ package can be a bit of a

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Want to Get Results with the PLR You Buy? Do This!

So you’ve bought one (or several) of those “biz in a box” style PLR packages thinking you were going to finally make money using your PLR. But you’ve set it up like the seller says, and no one is buying. You know there’s something missing, but what? The answer is one word… Traffic. The sad

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5 Tips fo Buying High Quality PLR

In the last post I talked about things to consider before using the PLR you bought. In this post we’re going to backtrack a step and share some tips on what to look for before you actually buy a package of PLR. The truth is that there is no shortage of private label rights content

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4 Things to Consider Before Using Your PLR

Many PLR vendors will tell you that you can use their content right out of the box, but that’s not exactly true. If you want to be sure you are providing your audience with the best content, there are a few things you should do before you use any PLR. Check the facts One thing

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What are my PLR rights, anyway?

With so many different types of PLR around, it can be difficult to keep track. If you consider the meaning of PLR, “Private Label Rights,” then it should be much easier to distinguish between them. Yet, why is everyone saying PLR Rightsí? That’s like saying Private Label Rights Rights. It’s just one of the many

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Your PLR Misconceptions Dispelled

Private Label Rights content can be a bit of a touchy subject, but it’s still really useful. Private label rights content is often seen as a good way to get started in marketing because it can allow you to compete with more established brands. While many marketers swear by it, there are also many marketers

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5 questions to ask yourself before purchasing PLR

The saying goes that people like to buy, but hate getting sold to. The make money online niche is no exception. Newbies will buy anything and everything in the hope of making a profit. Before they know it, they’re in debt and they’ve not made a cent online. New PLR products are released every single

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