Content Repurposing Challenge – Day 5

Over the past few days we have taken a blog post, turned it into a checklist and then created a blog post based off of that checklist. Additionally we have added the checklist as a piece of downloadable content on your post.

So you have just repurposed your old blog post in two ways, (you turned it into a checklist and then turned the checklist into its own blog post). You can stop there or you can take it one step further and add a video to your new post as well.


Why A Video?

A video is another way to repurpose your content and it will allow you to reach your audience in a different way. For some people, watching a video is much more engaging than reading and this is a great way to reach out to them. And if you are hosting your video on a site like Youtube then you are allowing a new audience to see your message.

But it gets even better, because YouTube has a good amount of SEO power when you embed a video into your blog post you are giving your post an instant boost of SEO love.

How to Embed a Video

During this part of the challenge, I lost my voice. So I am going to do my best to explain the steps to you and once I have a voice again I will create the video to walk you through everything.

1 – Publish Your Blog Post (yes we will publish it and then go back into it)

2 – Go to YouTube

* Upload the MP4 version of your video to YouTube

* Add a Description (I use the first two sentences of my blog post)

* Add Tags (I use my Jaaxy Keyword tool to find relevant keywords:

* Add Tags as Hashtags at the end of YouTube Description

* Add Blog Post Link to the beginning of YouTube Description

* Publish

3 – Add Your Published Link to Your Blog

* On YouTube, look for the embed code. Copy this code

* Go to Edit Mode on your blog post and go into the text version

* Paste your embed code into the desired location within the text of your


4 – Once everything looks good, update your post.


Share Your Blog Post:

Now is the time when you want to add your repurposed post into an email sequence, share it on social media, and do anything else that you need to do to be sure that your audience sees this new content.


Watch Me Embed a Video into Our Blog Post:



You Did It!

You took an old blog post and you turned it into 3 brand new pieces of content! They are:

* Downloadable Checklist

* New Blog Post

* Video

Even though the concept of repurposing might seem a bit scary, the actual repurposing can be just as easy as what we did here. And there are many, many other ways that you could keep repurposing that same piece of content into even more formats. You just need to figure out how much time you want to spend repurposing and what format you want to do it in.


Next Steps:

  1. See the Checklist We Created During This Challenge:
  2. Find Your Tags/Hashtags Using Jaaxy:
  3. Create your video and embed it into your post
  4. Add a link to your repurposed post on the UsePLR Facebook Page


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