Content Repurposing Challenge – Day 3

Today is a really exciting day. We are going to take the blog points that we selected and turn them into a checklist. On the surface, it might seem like this is hard, but it is really super easy. And to make it a bit easier we have created a template of the checklist so that you have something to use if you ever decide to repurpose your blog posts into your own checklist.


What Where Do We Begin?

We start by pulling up the Word version of the blog post. Then we will go through each highlighted bullet and add it to the checklist. See if there is anything you want to add to this or any new information that you feel is relevant.

For instance if some time has passed since your initial blog post then you could have new tools or tips that you want to share with your readers.

Choose Your Checklist Main Image

To spruce up our checklists a bit, we usually add an image to the front page. This makes the list itself look longer and it also makes the checklist look a bit more presentable.

If you need help finding an image, our PLR to Social Media Images Report should give you direction.

Pretty Everything Up:

Once you have everything created it is time to pretty things up. This means:

  • Making sure the image is centered
  • Making sure the bullet points and formatting is the way you want it
  • Adding a footer to the checklist with your website on it



Watch Me Create My Checklist:


Next Steps:

  1. Download Your Checklist Template Below
  2. See the Checklist We Created:
  3. Create Your Checklist


Download Your Checklist Template


 Download Your Free Content Repurposing Challenge Report



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