Your Content Repurposing Challenge – Day 1

Welcome to the our Content Repurposing Challenge! The goal of this week is to completely change the way that you are looking at your Private Label Rights (PLR). After this week you will be able to buy it, learn from it, and use it to grow your business.

And once you begin to look at your PLR in a new way, you will easily start noticing all of the other ways that you can keep changing that content and growing your reach even more.

Pretty exciting right? Before we begin though, we are going to take today to set ourselves up for success.


What is Content Repurposing?

There is a show called ‘Flea Market Flip’ where people will buy items at a flea market, fix them up and resell them for a profit. PLR is essentially the same thing. After you buy your PLR, you will make it your own, and sell it for a profit.


 What Will We Be Doing in this Challenge?

You’re going to:

  • Create multiple pieces of content from one blog post so that you ramp up the power of your content marketing
  • Repurpose your blog post into a brand new post in a brand new format
  • Add a video to your new post


Some Other Options (we won’t be going over these but they can easily be done):

  • Convert your new blog post into a slideshow
  • Transform that slideshow into a video
  • Create an infographic from the content in your post
  • Produce an audio version of your content
  • Schedule social sharing of your repurposed content, so that you reach as wide an audience as possible


 What Will Be the End Result for You?

After we have gone through the challenge, you will:

  • Take one piece of content and turn it into multiple pieces of content
  • Have more traffic
  • Build your credibility in multiple areas
  • Replicate all of this over and over again to build your presence even more

Today’s Challenge

For today, find a blog post that you would like to repurpose. If you have analytics on your site it is a good idea to pick a post that has gained a lot of attention/traffic and repurpose that.

Got Questions? We Have Answers

Head over to the UsePLR Facebook Page with any of your questions. Either myself or another member of this wonderful community will answer your question quickly 🙂


Next Steps:

  1. Like the UsePLR Facebok Page:
  2. Pick Your Blog Post


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