Free Checklist – Turn Your (Free) PLR into a Free Gift

Checklist – Create a Freebie Using Free PLR

Want to know how to Use Free PLR to create a freebie for your circle? Read the below and then download your free checklist.


  • Read the Rights of Your Free PLR 
  1. Remember, your rights let you know what you can and cannot do with your PLR
  2. If you not sure about your rights, contact the PLR seller.
  3. If there are no rights and no way to contact, RUN 


  • What to Think About When Making Your Freebie 
  1. What format do you want to use? (video series, podcast, webinar, etc.)
  2. What is one of the main problems your readers have
  3. How can you solve this issue for your readers? 


  • Make Your Audience Feel Special 
  1. Give them an exclusive coupon when they download your report
  2. Invite them to your private Facebook group
  3. Turn your written report into MP3’s and checklists
  4. Invite them to a private webinar to learn more about the topic
  5. Give them more free stuff


  • Turn Your Freebie into Money 
  1. Use affiliate links in your freebie
  2. Add it as a bonus to a paid product
  3. Give it to your affiliates to distribute to their people at no cost
  4. Lead your freebie into an email series and then to a paid product


 Watch Me Do the Above:

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