Content Repurposing Challenge – Day 2

Now that you have picked your blog post, it is time to start repurposing that post. Repurposing is an easy way to breathe new life into something older. And the best part is that your readers will firmly believe that you have created a brand new post.

In fact, when you repurpose something correctly it will be so unique that even you, the content creator, will likely look at it as a brand new piece of content. It doesn’t seem possible, believe me I understand I was you once, but  it is true.



What are the Benefits of Repurposing Posts?

To put it simply, your blog is your place to showcase who you are, it is a way for people to start trusting you without feeling obligated to buy something from you and it is a place where you have complete control over the message that you are sending out.

Your blog is important, and this is why you want to use every drop of goodness out of it that you possibly can.

When You Repurpose Your Post You Can Look Forward to:

  • Keeping your favorite blog posts alive by reposting your updated content
  • Reaching an expanded audience by changing the format of your post
  • Making an old post look fresh by improving the look of it
  • Having super happy readers who think you just created a brand new piece of content for them
  • Having another piece of content that you can put out there to work for you consistently

Pick the Way You Want to Repurpose Your Post:

For the purpose of the challenge, we are going to turn one of our UsePLR posts into a bulleted list and add how to video to it. Not only is a list easy to make,, but the video is something that can reach an audience on Youtube as well.

So my question to you is how do you want to repurpose your post? While it might be easiest to follow along with what we are doing, if you are feeling a bit adventurous you could:

  • Change it to a FAQ (frequently asked questions) post about the same topic
  • Take tips from the post and turn them into a blog post series, and then turn that series into a free report for your readers
  • Turn tips from your post into social media images
  • Rework a list of ‘do’s’ into a list of ‘don’ts’
  • Turn it into a ‘how-to’



Watch Me Pick a Post and Highlight the items I will use for my list:


Next Steps:

  1. See the Post We Picked:
  2. Watch Our Walkthrough Above
  3. Go Through Your Own Post and Highlight the things You Will Be Using


Feel free to share what you are working on at the UsePLR Facebook page.


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