Common Mistakes When Picking Images

Before we start pulling everything together I wanted to take a minute to talk to you about some mistakes many people make that you should try to avoid. These are things you should consider when you are picking or creating your images and following these simple steps will ensure that you are able to get your images created and uploaded on social media as quickly as possible.


Mistake #1- Not Sizing the Image Correctly

When I first started using social media I would make images that I couldn’t wait to show to my online audience only to have those images cut off or not properly sized when I uploaded them. To say it was frustrating is an understatement, especially when there are words in the image that my audience can’t see.

This is one of the reasons that I began heavily relying on Canva for my images. At the top of the site you choose the type of the image you are creating (social media, Facebook event cover, Google+ Header, etc.). Your image will automatically be sized for the type of image you are creating. In other words, if I choose to make a Facebook event cover then when I upload my image I will simply size the image to fit into the pre-sized box for that selection.

You can learn more about Canva at:

Mistake #2 – Finding Royalty Free Images Using Google Image Search

Some people may feel different but for me, I don’t trust using any search where I cannot easily see what my usage rights are. So even though a titan like Google might have a neat trick to finding royalty free images I don’t trust their results. On the surface Google images might seem like a quick and easy way to get your images, but the reality is that there can be a lot of headache caused when you don’t have the license to use an image.

If you are curious to see what I am talking about, we have created a walkthrough of using a Google image search below. This will not only show you where some of the confusion lies when looking at Google images, but it will go into the things you should be cautious of when looking at image rights.

Get Mistake #3 – Not Citing Quotes

If you are using inspirational quotes as part of your social media strategy you always want to list the name of the person who made that quote. Even though the odds might seem small that anyone would know where your quote came from, you don’t want to take that chance. Beyond that, if a quote resonates with you it is only fair that they get the proper credit.


These are just a few of the common mistakes people make when creating royalty free images. Avoidng them will not only save you time, but it will also save you a lot of headache.


See a Google Image Search in Action:


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What are Some of Your Biggest Headaches When Creating Social Media Images?


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