Announcement: What is PLR ?

When it comes to PLR, people tend to fall into one of three categories. Either they love it and know the potential that it has to grow their business, they see the potential but they aren’t really sure how to use it, or they have no idea what in the heck PLR is.

Today we are going to talk to people in that third category, those who have no idea what PLR is.

PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights’. The easiest way to explain it would be to think of a house flipper. These people buy houses, fix them up, and then sell them for a profit. Private Label Rights works in the same way. People buy products with PLR rights, they fix them up and make them unique and then they are able to sell those products for a profit.

On the surface, it might sound sketchy, shouldn’t all of the content that you bring to your people be completely your own? Here’s the thing, PLR gives you a ‘baseline’ for your content. It is then up to you to make it your own, and you can do this in a variety of ways including:

  • Editing and rewriting it to match the message you are trying to send to your readers
  • Adding your personal stories, personal recommendations, and pictures
  • Using your PLR as a baseline to create podcast episodes, webinar content, and social media images.

Know Your Rights

You should know that there are PLR rights that you need to abide by. These are rights that are passed onto you by the PLR provider. Generally these rights are simple, usually stating that you cannot use the PLR providers name and you cannot pass the PLR rights onto someone else. Occasionally the rights may be a little more strict, but you can always reach out to the PLR provider before making your purchase if you have any questions. These rights are basically a way for the PLR providers to be sure that their content is treated respectfully.

So let’s use my PLR site as an example. ¬†Over at WholeFoodPLR I don’t allow my PLR rights to be passed along and I don’t allow my content to be put onto any PLR membership sites. This is my way of making sure that I have some control over what happens to my products. Think about it, what would your opinion be of my $27 product if someone was selling the exact same thing for $5 all over the internet? Would you still think that it was something that you could easily make unique to you? Would you question the quality of the work? As a Private Label Rights provider, it is my job to protect my content from misuse and in doing so I am also protecting my customers.

PLR in the Real World

If this is the first time you have heard about PLR, you might feel like you are doing your customers a disservice by using pre-written content. To put this in a different light, here are some ‘real world’ examples of people who take a product and turn it into something else for profit.

  • House Flipper – transforms old homes into new homes
  • Chef – uses other recipes as inspiration to create new recipes
  • Singer – often hires someone to write the songs they sing
  • Secondhand Store – will fix up outdated items to look new before reselling

These folks cannot do their jobs without getting a ‘starting point’, and even though they may not point that out to their customers, their customers also don’t question it.

Next Steps

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