How to Use Free PLR to Grow Your Business – Part 1

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How to Use Free PLR to Grow Your Business – Part 1 – Finding Your Perfect PLR

One of the biggest things people are concerned about when buying PLR is the quality of the PLR. That’s only normal. You are buying PLR in hopes that you can reuse it quickly, if you are buying poor quality PLR, you aren’t just wasting money, you are also wasting time (without PLR you will have to start writing that topic from scratch).

And if we are being real, there are plenty of slimy PLR sellers out there. You know the ones, they have sites that are thrown together, nonexistent customer service, and every product they have is poorly written. These are the sellers you want to watch out for.

Of course, there are also good PLR sellers out there. Actually, great PLR sellers. They are the ones who take the time to connect with their audience, build a real reputation for themselves, and keep themselves connected with other quality PLR sellers. They are the PLR sellers that you want to be connected with.

So How do You Tell the Difference Between the Awesome and the Shady? Use Free PLR

Almost all websites have an opt in gift, and you can use that to your advantage. In the case of PLR sellers, many of them have a ‘Free PLR’ optin gift. This lets you use their content without opening your wallet. Take it, digest it, turn it into a few items, and get a feel for it.

Pay Special Attention to Two Things 

When you are using free PLR to grow your business, you want to look at two things. The PLR itself, of course, and the PLR seller. You don’t want to put money down until you are sure that you are making a good investment for your business.

First, let’s talk about the PLR itself. You want to be sure it is well written and you want to be sure it is easy to understand. Look at how well it ‘flows’ and the types of topics it covers. But take it a step further, think about how easy it would be to repurpose that PLR.

But the free PLR isn’t the only thing to look at, you also want to look at the PLR seller. You can google them, ask a PLR seller you trust if they know them, or take a look at their social media pages to get a sense of them. All of these things will help you figure out if this is a seller you want to buy from. But paying attention to their emails is also a great way to get a sense of who the PLR seller is. Do they email you often? Are their emails all about the sale? Try to get a sense of whether or not this is a person you can put your trust in. If they are a good seller, they will be working to build your trust.



Where Do You Find Free PLR in Your Niche?

There are a few ways you can find free PLR in your niche. You could always google “Free your niche PLR”, but be forewarned that you will get the good and the bad in the search results. You could also ask around in the places where other internet marketers hang out (IM forums, facebook groups/pages, social media, etc.). Another route is to ask a current PLR seller that you trust if they wouldn’t mind steering you in the right direction. Over at I have done this for customers before, and I know many other sellers who do the same.


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