Use Fiverr to Outsource Your PLR

Now that we have our gears turning a bit about all of the possibilities that you have when you use Fiverr to showcase some of your PLR, I wanted to take a minute to switch it up a bit and talk about using Fiverr as an easy way to outsource some of that PLR that is just sitting on your hard drive.

While it is true that you usually get what you pay for and it would be a long shot that you would be able to find someone to handle all of your writing/uploading/etc for only $5, there are plenty of smaller jobs that someone on Fiverr can do to take some of the work out off of your hands at a pretty reasonable price.

Use Fiverr to Outsource

The best part is that you can find almost anyone at Fiverr who will do almost anything…

1 – Create An App

Let’s be honest, you likely won’t get any bells and whistles for $5, but a simple app that will promote your brand can be an awesome way to keep people thinking about you (after all, your app will be there every time they pick up their smart phone).

Let me give you an easy example. I have someone that I follow for healthy living named Cassey Ho. She runs a neat little site called Here’s the thing, there isn’t anything eye-catching on Cassey’s site that says ‘hey, I have an app’, so I followed her for a long time without knowing that she was ‘mobile’ – so to speak.  Long story short I found her app when I was playing with my latest smartphone and now I see her every day.

Even when I am not able to read her emails, even when I completely forget to check in on her blog, she always pops into my head when I pick up my phone as a reminder that I need to be healthy.

Her app is a little neater than what you might get for $5, but it is still pretty basic. She has:

  • Video Section
  • Workout Calendar
  • Recipes
  • Store
  • Forum

And even though the info might not link directly to her site (or maybe it does and my anti-tech self cannot find it…), I still know her brand – Blogilates, because it is always staring at me from my smart phone. And it is a good way for me to learn more about her brand when I am on the go, as well as a good reminder to check in on her blog and open her emails.

Why not take some of your PLR, revamp it a bit, and turn it into content that can go into making an easy app?

2 – Make Powerpoint Slides for your Webinar

A webinar is pretty boring without pictures, but when you are turning your PLR into a script, picking the product you want to promote, and running a business all at the same time, creating your webinar Powerpoint can be a real time sucker  – something that distracts you from being the CEO of your business.

Why not pay someone a few bucks to take your webinar slides off of your hands for you? The best part is that Powerpoints are very easy to edit if you want to make any changes to the finished product. If you can find some PLR pictures based on your webinar topic, send those to the person that you hired so that you have a good idea of what you will be getting back.

3 – Add a Voice to your Webinars or Videos

While this might not work for live webinars, it will definitely work if you want to pre-record a webinar to post to your site. Some PLR comes with pre-made webinar templates, making it much easier for you to create a script for the person you hired.

As for videos, that’s as easy as giving someone your article or blog post and letting them go to town. No hassle for you because you have already made the content. You may need to pay one person to put together your video slides and another person to do the voice/recording, but $10 for a video that you will have in your content arsenal forever is pretty awesome.

Some sites like CoachGlue even offer webinar or video slides with their product. This is great because you can literally take a pre-made Powerpoint, give someone a  script, and get on with your day.

4 – Get Video Transcripts

Do you have videos that you made in the past? Why not have someone transcribe them for you? Then you can turn that -transcript into written content for your blog. Better yet, if you have PLR rights to a video training, have that transcribed.If your transcript is long enough, you could easily make some changes to give it your voice and turn it into a short report to sell on Fiverr, bringing it all full circle 😉

5 –  Create Videos

Videos are a great way to catch attention and rank high on Google (remember, Google loves YouTube). Instead of you working to make your videos, you can hire someone to take that job off your hands. You can even have someone do a quick video recap of the blog posts that you created using your PLR.

These are the first five non-writing gigs that I found. I came up with these five things just by going through the categories listed on the top of the Fiverr homepage. I am sure if you did some digging you would be able to find even more awesome ways to outsource your PLR on Fiverr.

Enjoy Your Day Awesome!

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