Use Fiverr for Maximum PLR Visibility

If you have used your PLR to help you to create a pre-made product to sell in a Fiverr gig, we are going to take it one step further. Now we are going to talk a bit about maximizing what that Fiverr gig can do for you. Remember, this is an easy way for you to have an additional income for yourself, and since you will be able to fill orders in minutes it won’t take away from the rest of your business.


Use Fiverr for Maximum PLR Visibility


1 – Make All Gigs Related

What if you had four or five gigs of pre-made products that were related? For instance, let’s look at weddings. If I was going to buy a short report that was a guide to planing my wedding, I would likely be interested in wedding planning checklists, wedding menu ideas, and wedding resource lists.

The same person who was willing to pay $5 for one wedding related product is now likely to pay $20. The best part is that you used your wedding PLR to help you create those gigs in just a few short hours.


2 – Add Gig Link to Email Signature

Taking advantage of your email signature is a great way to keep your gig in front of you audience, even after you have already promoted it to them.

3 – Promote your Gig on Social Media

Let’s stick with the wedding example here. Do you have a FB fanpage? Do you have a Twitter account based on your wedding niche? Just one social media shout out about your gig can earn you some easy money.

4 – Blog About It

There are a few benefits to making a blog post about your gig. First, if you have multiple related gigs, you get to promote all of them with your blog link. Second, if you promote your gig on social media, you can use the link to your blog post instead of linking straight to the Fiverr gig. If nothing else, it makes your link look a bit prettier.

So if you own a wedding site called ‘’ instead of using to promote your gig, you can make a blog post on your site and promote this link instead: ‘’ with a post and links to all of your related gigs.

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