PLR + Fiverr = Magic

You have probably heard of Fiverr as a great place to get some quick outsourcing done, but have you ever thought of it as an extra income stream? I am not talking about a ‘break your back working for $5’ kind of income stream either, I am talking about an income stream where you get orders, fill them in five minutes or less, and move on with your day.

Sounds a little too good to be true doesn’t it? I thought so too. A long (long) time ago I used Fiverr when I was ghostwriting. Being a newbie over there, I had offered to rewrite three articles for $5 or create a new article for $5. It didn’t take long before I was itching to get off of Fiverr and start making more money for my work. At that time I just didn’t see the amazing potential that Fiverr had for passive income.

But with the recent release of Fiverr Factory, a lot of the people that I follow online (like Nicole Dean and Connie Regan Green) are starting to talk about Fiverr in a way that I never thought of before. And after doing some digging on Fiverr I am going to be adding it as an easy income stream. But this time, I am going to work smarter, not harder. And I will have pre-made products ready for me to hand out to hungry buyers.

…And of course, I am going to use PLR to do it 😉


Using PLR on Fiverr

1 – Create a ‘How to’ Product from your PLR

Give your PLR a bit of a twist and make some videos of you ‘practicing what you preach’. Then you will not only have a product that you made from PLR, you will also have bonus videos. Not a bad deal for $5 😉

While you always want to make your products good, I would suggest not putting your ‘gold material’ on Fiverr. In other words, you don’t want to have a product selling for $5 when you could have it on your website selling for $97 with affiliates promoting it for you.

But if you have a product that you have already done all you feel you can do with, or if you have a quick report that maybe leads to a bigger product on your website, that would be a great thing to put on Fiverr to get some easy money generating.

2 – Resell PLR plugins

There are sites that not only make plugins, they give you the PLR rights to resell those plugins and keep all of the profits. How easy would it be to buy an interesting plugin, and put it up on Fiverr? One thing you may want to check is if the plugin seller will handle any customer support issues your customers may have. Other than that, this is a super fast way to have something ‘Fiverr ready’ quickly.

3 – Create ‘How to’ Checklists

No matter what niche you are in, you can use your PLR as a guide to make a quick checklist that you can sell on Fiverr. The great news is that you aren’t just limited to Internet Marketing checklists either. A quick search of Fiverr gave me about 40 results, and not all of them were in the IM field.

Current checklists (non IM):

  • How to Create a Kickstarter Account Checklist
  • Wedding Planning Checklist
  • Social Media Implementation Checklist
  • How to Give a Winning Interview Checklist
  • Business Trip Planning Checklist

And of course, if you are in the IM field, there are many ideas for you at Fiverr as well.

One thing I Would Be Careful With – is taking your resale PLR and doing a gig with 5 PLR articles. If you are promoting your Fiverr gig on your own, with a market that trusts you, then you should be able to earn a bit from that. But if you are strictly promoting on Fiverr with PLR articles, there are already a lot of gigs that offer 50+ PLR articles for $5. You and I know the quality of those articles is likely horrible, but it will definitely give your PLR articles some stiff competition.

Enjoy Your Day Awesome!


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