Your PLR Release Checklist

After you have taken your PLR and turned it into all sorts of PLR goodness, it is time to start thinking about sending it out. Just the thought of finally putting all of that hard work to good use is exciting (and getting some money into your bank account never hurts either 😉 )

But you might want to hold off on sharing that product with the world just yet and give it one check to make sure that you have done everything you want to do with it. For example, are you getting the word out about your affiliate program? Are you setting yourself up to make affiliate sales? Are you prepping that repurposed product so that it will continue to make you money long after you have forgotten that it even exists?

There isn’t a ton that you have to do to keep that repurposed PLR working for you, (but don’t get me wrong, there are like a bazillion things you can do if you wanted to –  check out Nicole Deans Sticky Passive Income to see what I am talking about).  Just follow four simple steps to make sure that you are maximizing the return on your PLR investment.

PLR Release Checklist


1 – Have you really made alllll of the changes you wanted to make?  It seems kinda silly but it is really important. What you are putting out doesn’t have to be perfect (believe me, your wallet can starve while you are waiting for it to be perfect), but  you should be sure that you have tweaked it enough so that it has your voice and your style

2 – Did you add your Affiliate Sign Up Info? – If you have an affiliate program (which for most of you I hope you do), be sure that your sign up information is somewhere in your product. If you are doing a video, you can do a screenshot with sign up info at the end. If you are doing a PDF, you can take a page or two at the beginning or end to talk about it. No matter what if you have an affiliate program, you should definitely put that info into your new product.

3 – Do you have links to programs you are an affiliate for? – Let’s be honest, sometimes people just don’t ‘click’ with what you have to say. But just because they may not buy from you anymore doesn’t mean that they might not buy loads of stuff from someone else in your niche. If you are an affiliate for a great product that is related to yours, be sure to share those links in your product

4 – Did you add your website name to your PDF docs? – Brand the heck outta your product and make sure that your information is all over that bad boy. Have your website where people can see it. This isn’t just true for your actual  report, you can put your website name on any calendars, checklists, or other PLR files that came with your purchase (just be sure you know your rights for that PLR).

Follow these easy steps to make sure you aren’t leaving big money on the table.

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