Turning Your PLR Tweets Into Pictures

Once you have turned your PLR into tweets, it is time to give it a little more juice. After all, PLR is meant to be used and reused and used again until it can’t be used anymore. And we are going to squeeze every drop of juicy PLR goodness out of your PLR.

Once we have turned the PLR into tweets, it is time to turn those tweets into pictures. And you can do it all in four simple steps that shouldn’t take you more than 10-15 minutes (and that is a mom 15 minutes by the way, if you don’t have people asking you for things and a cat trying to help you type you can get it done much faster. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little family,but I am never more popular than when I am trying to do something).


1 – Grab some Royalty Free Pics

I love Fotolia personally. Just load your account up with $10.00 and you can get anywhere from 1-10 pictures (depending on size).  They have everything in their collection and you can grab and checkout quickly, which is great. I have also heard great things about  iClipart, but I have not used that one personally.


2 – Add a Tweet to Each Picture

This can get a  little tricky. I am not a designer by any means, so if you are outsourcing your graphics than this can be an easy job for them. But if you are brave enough (or poor enough) to do this on your own, then here is what I do:

  • Add picture to a powerpoint slide
  • Add tweet to picture
  • Use a free snipping tool or Snagit to cut out the new graphic that has the tweet on it
  • Create new powerpoint slide and repeat


3 – Uploade to Instagram or Pinterest

4 – Upload to FB

You can do 3 and 4 in whichever order you want. The point is that you share your new pic with the world in as many places as you can 🙂

Enjoy Your Day Awesome!


PS – Save that Powerpoint, we aren’t done with it yet 🙂




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