Storing Your PLR Files

Organizing your PLR into a spreadsheet is just the first way to keep your PLR in order. There is a whole nother part of it all that is based on keeping track of all of those files and folders. Think about it, you don’t just have the original PLR files that you bought, you will also have files and folders for the content you are repurposing now, the content you have already reshaped, and any other PLR that you have bought. Once you have started to reshape and reuse that PLR, you are going to be creating even more files and folders on your computer. If you aren’t careful, your PLR can be lost in a sea of files.

This is why it is to important to have some sort of a system in place wen it comes to storing your stuff, because if you don’t have a system you are likely throwing money away.

Storing PLR Files

Basically you will  have four steps to keeping it all straight. The first is (of course), the file for your new PLR, which will be the product that you bought (of course).

Secondly, you want to make sure that you list that PLR on your main spreadsheet as quickly as you can. This sounds simple but it is a really big deal, if you don’t keep track of everything you have coming in, it will be easy to lose it – especially when you have an entire business dedicated to content that has been recycled over and over again.

Now you want to have a ‘working’ folder of some type. The easiest way to do this (in my opinion at least), is to have a main ‘working’ folder that has sub-folders for all of the projects you are working on. ‘Copy’ the product you purchased from the original purchase file and ‘paste’ it into the working folder along with the rights, bonus PLR, and anything else that seems important. Whenever you are changing something, it is a good idea to have the original PLR saved somewhere.

Once you are done repurposing, and you have put your new content to good use, you can move it back into the folder with the original PLR. Just be sure to name it something else so that you don’t get the two confused.

Ultimately, the strategy that you will use for storing your files will be whatever works for you. The important thing is just that you have that system in place.

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  1. Fran Civile says:

    Thank you Rachel! You have some good ideas there … I do have all my Plr in one folder each under the PLR writer’s name – if I buy something from Rachel Young it goes in Fran’s PLR Resources under Rachel Young – it’s when I started using it that it gets a little confused sometimes so I’ll follow some of your suggestions.


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