4 Things to Do with PLR Audio

Sometimes you get that PLR that you really want but you have no idea how to use. Using written PLR is easy, everyone talks about that. But what about the PLR that isn’t so simple to use, like video or audio? I had this happen to me recently, there was a mountain of PLR on sale for a really good deal from a really respected PLR seller.

I kept thinking about whether or not I should get it, I went back and forth over the emails people were sending me to promote it and I kept watching the dimesale price go up and thinking ‘I can get it, look at all of this stuff I would be getting’. But something kept me from actually taking the leap.

The first thing was that I didn’t have time to sift through all of that and even though it was a great deal, it was still out of my price range (stupid budget).

But the second thing is that a lot of it was PLR audio and I really had no idea what to do with it. Then I got this clever email from Dennis Becker over at Earn1KaDay. He is a real smartie when it comes to PLR and he offered his people the following tips. I have tweaked them a bit because to show you some of the ways I will be using PLR audio from now on, but really he deserves the credit for giving me these ideas.


Using PLR Audio

1 – Have Someone Transcribe PLR audio into an eBook or Short Report Series

You have heard of small reports that make big money, these short reports could easily be sold separately. Or you could go the eBook route, people love eBooks.

2 – Make Powerpoint Slides and Turn into Videos

We have talked about making Powerpoint slides before. It would be great if you could make a short video series outlining the steps in the transcribed material you created. You could even hire someone to do this for you and read certain parts of your transcribed material to further demonstrate how to do something.

3 – Add the MP3 as a Bonus to A Related Product of Yours

4 – Do all of the above to have a killer product! 

This will work best if you take step #1 and put it into “your voice”. But just imagine, a product that has an eBook (or short reports), how to videos, and a bonus MP3, I’d pay money for that!

Enjoy Your Day Awesome!

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