4 Steps to Turn Your PLR into Tweets

Once you have that PLR in your hands, there are so many things that you can do with it that it is almost insane. But let’s be honest, money loves speed and even though PLR is a great way to get some traction in your business, sometimes you need to get a message out to your people fast…What’s a busy marketer to do?

Ta-Da – Turn that PLR into Tweets 🙂

Because tweets are short and sweet, you are able to pull a few lines from your PLR and get in and out quickly and on with your day. Simply pull a few good lines out, change them up, and send them out 🙂




For me, I am a reader, and I do a lot of my reading on my Kindle Fire, so you better believe I have some PLR that talks about just how awesome my Kindle is 😉

I have chosen these three lines from my PLR:

The first linewill be my Tip – “The Kindle Fire 7 also gives you access to free cloud storage, this way you never have to worry about losing any of the content you have downloaded.” 

…With a few simple words, it is now my tweet tip – “The Kindle Fire 7 lets you download a crazy amount of books thanks to the free cloud storage”

Secondly, we have the question – “The new processor is nothing short of impressive. It is a full 1.2 GHz, making the Kindle Fire 7 40% faster” – 

…and this is how I turned it into a question…”Did you know that the new processor is a full 1.2 GHz?”

And of course, here is my opinion (my husband will tell you I never run outta those….) – “The Kindle offered customers the ability to have thousands of books right at their fingertips and to be able to read no matter where they were.”

…which I have changed to – “The most amazing thing about my Kindle is that I can have thousands of books at my fingertips anytime…take that Nook!”


This took me all of 10 minutes (well, less than that actually because I am also watching the season finale of Master Chef). You could easily take one PLR article and grab 10-12 lines to turn into tweets. Pretty cool huh?


Enjoy Your Day Awesome!


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