Is Your PLR a Moldy Burrito?

So I had quite the…interesting experience today. Over the past few days (…dare I say a week even…), my car has become a bit odorifious. I couldn’t find the culprit and it seemed like I was the only one who could smell it. So I decided that I was just being a bit paranoid. For good measure though, I got some spray and air freshener and got the smell to go away…for awhile. After a long weekend I got in my car this morning only to get hit with a funky scent. Actually, that does not even do it justice. I don’t really think the word has been invented that can quite capture the spirit of what I was subjected to in that car. All day, whenever I got into the car I got hit with this. When I got home I dug around my entire car. Digging through the backseat, looking under the seats, rummaging through the hatch, and finally – well buried under the seat – I saw it. A nice Wendy’s wrapper that was holding a chicken burrito. A whille ago, I had ordered two burritos, gotten back to my desk, and thought bad thoughts about the Wendy’s guy because I was sure that he had forgotten my second burrito. Moldy Burrito But alas, my burrito was in fact given to me, it had simply decided to jump ship before it had the chance to be eaten.  Believe it or not, that funky burrito is like PLR. Your PLR was created for a reason, it was meant to make your business life easier. When it sits on your computer it gets forgotten, and by the time you find it again you might find that other people in your niche are already sending the message that you were trying to send. Sure, you can revive it, you can alter your message and try to find a different angle to reach your audience. But why go through all of that trouble when you could just use the PLR while it is hot? So how do you treat your PLR? Are you using it or are you letting it become a moldy burrito? 

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