Sharyn Sheldon Talks Adding Audio to Your Powerpoint Slides

One of the best ways to reformat your PLR is to turn it into a video. People love videos and they are so easy to set up. An easy way to make a PLR video is to make some slides from your PLR and then use this trick to add audio to your Powerpoint Slides.

Sharyn Says: “Most people record the slides as they speak through their notes and explain what’s on the slides. You have to be thinking about what you’re saying, what’s on the slides, and when to click through to the next slides. Plus, there’s the risk of all that clicking being heard on your video. There is a much easier and less stressful way. 

This is a great way to make your PLR unique without killing yourself. Following Sharyn’s advice, you can easily reformat your PLR. You can even turn your existing Mp3’s into videos with this neat trick.

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