Make Money With Gift and Toy PLR

The holidays are the best time for using your PLR. This is literally the one time of the year when people are tripping over themselves to open their wallets. This is the perfect time to get new customers by learning how to make money with gift and toy PLR.

Amanda Says: “Like a lot of marketers right now, I’ve been buying gift and toy PLR left and right to make a bit of extra money off of the holiday shopping season. A lot of people ask me exactly why I buy all of this PLR. What do I use it for? I figure this is as good of a time as any to give you a few ideas on how to use gift and toy PLR to make a bit of extra money.


You know that you need to plan for your holidays, build your websites, and use PLR as content for those sites. But that’s just part of your holiday business success. Learning how to capture that traffic for future visits is the second part of the equation. Learn how to use your holiday PLR today.

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