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PLR can generate an infinite amount of content for your business, and it’s created by others which makes your job of running your business so much easier!

But, how do you make it unique to you? How do you get the most mileage out of each piece of PLR content that you purchase?

This is what usePLR.com will help you with!

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Use PLR to Rock Your Business Reformatting PLR is fast and easy.

Use PLR To Rock Your Business

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Our mission here at UsePLR.com is to help you put your PLR to work making you money! We want to see you use the PLR you buy, not just let it collect digital dust on your hard drive! 

Our All Access Training Club is here to provide the tools you need to create unique content and a roadmap for your business without having to create it all yourself.

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article: Four Ways to Tell People You Run a Business

If you’re struggling to find your voice as a business owner, you are not alone. Ruthie and I have both struggled with how to tell people not only what we do, but that we actually do it – run a business.

It’s something we’ve practiced telling folks over the years, both in writing and live at summits or mastermind meetings. Both of us have grown our business mainly via word of mouth, though. I can’t speak for Ruthie, but I’ve never paid for advertising for my business, not that there’s anything wrong with doing that.

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Article: 9 Reasons You May Have Trouble Getting Things Done

There can be many reasons why you can’t make yourself do the work you know you need to do. Sometimes it’s simple procrastination, but more often than not, there’s an underlying reason for the procrastination.

Any one of the reasons I’m going to share with you might be the one that’s keeping you from getting the work that will help you achieve your goals done.

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Jenn Brockman

My name is Jenn and I love creating planners and journals. I spent years buying journals and planners because I love them, but many just didn’t work out for me. They weren’t quite what I needed or I ended up wasting lots of paper. So, now I create editable planner and journal templates for anyone to edit and make their own! 

Ruth Bowers of Ritchie Media.com
Ruthie Bowers

I'm Ruthie and I am a self-confessed creative geek! I love that I get to play with words and pictures all day long because it makes my heart happy.

When I'm not creating graphics and printables for mycustomers, I love sharing resources and other goodies with our community. I've been using PLR and done-for-you content for years, and am looking forward to sharing my content repurposing tips and tricks with you!

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