How to Use PLR

Announcement: What is PLR ?

When it comes to PLR, people tend to fall into one of three categories. Either they love it and know the potential that it has to grow their business, they see the potential but they aren’t really sure how to use it, or they have no idea what in the heck PLR is. Today we […]

Content Repurposing Challenge – Day 5

Over the past few days we have taken a blog post, turned it into a checklist and then created a blog post based off of that checklist. Additionally we have added the checklist as a piece of downloadable content on your post. So you have just repurposed your old blog post in two ways, (you […]

Content Repurposing Challenge – Day 4

Now that you have your checklist created it is time to add it onto your site. Remember, even though you have repuposed this from an old blog post it is still a new piece of content. This means that you can use it as a follow up to your original blog post, or as a […]

Content Repurposing Challenge – Day 3

Today is a really exciting day. We are going to take the blog points that we selected and turn them into a checklist. On the surface, it might seem like this is hard, but it is really super easy. And to make it a bit easier we have created a template of the checklist so […]

Content Repurposing Challenge – Day 2

Now that you have picked your blog post, it is time to start repurposing that post. Repurposing is an easy way to breathe new life into something older. And the best part is that your readers will firmly believe that you have created a brand new post. In fact, when you repurpose something correctly it […]

Your Content Repurposing Challenge – Day 1

Welcome to the our Content Repurposing Challenge! The goal of this week is to completely change the way that you are looking at your Private Label Rights (PLR). After this week you will be able to buy it, learn from it, and use it to grow your business. And once you begin to look at […]

Putting it All Together

Today is the day when everything will come together. Today we are going to go through everything from start to finish so that you can get an idea of how quickly this can be done. Step #1 – Choosing Your PLR Your first step is choosing your PLR. Remember, this doesn’t have to be hard […]

Common Mistakes When Picking Images

Before we start pulling everything together I wanted to take a minute to talk to you about some mistakes many people make that you should try to avoid. These are things you should consider when you are picking or creating your images and following these simple steps will ensure that you are able to get […]

3 Free Places to Get Social Images

One of the main problems people run into when searching for royalty free images is finding images that look good but are also free. While there are many sites that have beautiful images, like Adobe Stock Photo, these sites generally charge for their images. On the other hand there are many sites that don’t charge […]

Let’s Take Your PLR to Social Media Images

One of the easiest ways to turn your PLR into quick content is by getting it out on social media. Think about it, even the best PLR requires a bit of rewriting or a bit of tweaking. On the other hand you can take a line straight from your PLR, throw it on a royalty […]

Fast Content Keys

How to Generate Sales With PLR

You buy PLR, but do you know how to actually profit from it? So many times we buy PLR and we don’t know how to actually put that PLR to good use…and truth be told very few people know how to get every drop of profit from their PLR Sue Says: “Well, in Kate Rieger’s interview I explain how I […]

Use Social Media PLR

You know that using social media is fast and powerful. You know that using private label rights is fast and powerful. Do you combine them for ultimate power and reach? Rush Says: “The good news is that many PLR providers now include social media images or text in their PLR packs as standard…so with these packs […]

How to Use Your Amazon Toy PLR!

With Christmas right around the corner, there is no better time to start putting your Amazon Toy PLR to good use. Here are 5 Ways to  Use Your Amazon Toy PLR. Tiff Says: “The great thing is, you can tweak these tips to work in other niches, too. One of the most important factors of making a good […]

Awesome Content Creation Strategies

There’s a reason why people say that content is king – because it is! Whether you are using PLR to make content or you are coming up with your own content from scratch, here is your quick guide to content creation.  Amanda Says: “I’ve been a writer since I began my online marketing adventure. I learned […]

Demonstration of PLR Rewrite

One of the hardest things about using PLR is rewriting it. Either you don’t know what you want to say, you don’t know how to say it, or you just plain hate writing. If you are stuck trying to figure out  how to rewrite PLR, it might help to see an example of how to […]

Sharyn Sheldon Talks Adding Audio to Your Powerpoint Slides

One of the best ways to reformat your PLR is to turn it into a video. People love videos and they are so easy to set up. An easy way to make a PLR video is to make some slides from your PLR and then use this trick to add audio to your Powerpoint Slides. […]

How Affiliate Marketers Can Make Money With PLR

There are a lot of pieces that go into affiliate marketing, and a lot of different ways you can use content as part of your affiliate success. If you are looking to take some of the stress out of your marketing strategy, here are ways to use PLR to make money in affiliate marketing. Pawel […]

Chris Cabo Talks PLR and Product Creation

One of the most popular ways to use PLR is for product creation. Once you have a product, you can use it to make money forever. Here are some ways you can Use PLR to Start Your Product Creation. Chris Says: “There’s no need to neither brainstorm nor spend hours of writing your content.“  Use one […]

Make Money With Gift and Toy PLR

The holidays are the best time for using your PLR. This is literally the one time of the year when people are tripping over themselves to open their wallets. This is the perfect time to get new customers by learning how to make money with gift and toy PLR. Amanda Says: “Like a lot of marketers […]

Lisa Stoops Gives PLR Tips

Lisa Stoops doesn’t just sell PLR, she uses it too.  Between the ways that she has grown her own business and the ways that her clients use their PLR products, Lisa is quite the expert on all things private label rights, so when she gives tips on how to use PLR it’s worth taking a look at.. […]